Our Story

Naki Organics is an artisan cosmetic business that started with the notion of living an organic way of life that was free of chemicals.

I particularly wanted to stay away from cosmetic products containing ingredients that I didn't understand and potentially harmful.

As someone with a dark complexion the products available at the stores didn't work well on my skin and it was especially hard finding something that worked for me. After a couple of years of experimenting with different formulations that I created, I finally found something that feels wonderful and makes my skin glow. I knew there were people that would enjoy these wonderful products just as much as I have enjoyed them. The great thing about my creations is that they can be used by anyone.

Naki Organics prides itself on using fresh high quality natural and certified organic ingredients in our unique formulations. Our formulations were created from scratch then perfected through trial and error.

We believe it's important to know the quality of every ingredient that goes into our products. Since quality is very important to us, our products do not utilize questionable ingredients such as synthetic fragrances or colors, PEG's, sodium lauryl/laureth sufaltes, parabens, or fillers. We never use another company's "cosmetic base" or sell someone else's private label product as our own. 

As an added treat, I wanted to share a piece of my home with the rest of the world and have incorporated ingredients such as marula oil and baobab seed oil into some of our products. I grew up playing around baobab trees in my native South Africa, collecting the ripe fruit pods when the trees decided it was time to release them from their branches to the ground below, then having fun trying to get them open to enjoy their white delicious flesh and that's where i noticed that it just didn't taste good but was good for the entire body. Marula trees were also plentiful and I enjoyed collecting the nuts to eat on the spot and then sometimes having to hand them over to my family who would make home brewed beer from them. Marula oil has wonderful amazing properties that the skin and body can benefit from. 

Our handcrafted uniquely formulated beauty products are truly a labor of love and of the mind, heart, and soul.

I live in Raleigh, North Carolina with my beautiful family.