Dry Skin?

Why does my skin become dry a couple of hours after I apply a lotion or butter?

That's a very good question and probably something we have all experienced. 

Many people do not realize that dry skin is caused by what they use to wash their bodies. 

It is my observation that a number of the skin care products on the market such as bar soaps, body washes, body gels, face wash contain sodium chloride (salt) which can be very drying. 

To help fix your dry skin it's a good idea to avoid products containing that ingredient and you should experience a noticeable improvement in your skin's dryness.

Also having a whole house water filter or a shower filter will improve the quality of your water and help restore your skin's natural moisture. 

Naki Organics skincare products such as our body lotion, body butter, and face wash will further support moisturizing and hydrating your skin.