Naki Organics, LLC is a luxury brand specializing in true artisan cosmetics.

We provide beauty products uniquely formulated with natural and certified organic ingredients to bring out the best in you.

We formulate and manufacture all of the products that you see. Being a native of South Africa, I was inspired to create a unique skin care line using botanicals such as Rooibos, Marula, Baobab that I grew up harvesting and enjoying as a child .

I started making my own natural skin care 9 years ago at home because everything that I purchased from the store wouldn’t work on me and I also wanted something that was organic and chemical-free. I'm proud to be sharing the skin care products that we have been enjoying in our home with you and I know that you are going to love them. These products are truly a labor of love and something your skin will adore.

Our business is located in the greater Raleigh, North Carolina area.

Peace and Blessings,